So, you wanna be an Airbnb host, do ya? Its just renting out a room, right? Wrong. Anyone can do that. Not anyone can turn their humble abode into a boutique hotel experience, as breezily as they sprinkle cinnamon on your welcome coffee.

airbnb rockstar

How do they do it? How can you become a rockstar Airbnb host?


We all know someone who makes hosting a dinner party for twenty look effortless, right? They annoy and delight us in equal measures with their lively chat, anticipating what you need before you know that you need it, and overall enthusiasm for your welfare.


How do they do it? Magic, perhaps. Or maybe they’re born with it?


airbnb house


This skill will never be more important than when you have taken on your very first role as an Airbnb host. It’s so important to prepare yourself for a guest and add a personal touch as a host, more so than with any other way of subletting.


If your head is spinning and you are quickly and efficiently heading to your laptop to cancel all bookings and change your name, stop. Everything will be okay, because everything you need to know to become a true rockstar Airbnb host is right here. Grab a coffee, put your feet up and read on. You are about to be transformed.


Communication is Key


There’s nothing worse than not having your hosts mobile number, or waiting days between responses. Be a good host and create a calm, trusting environment. Check-in should be a smooth as possible: first impressions count, and it’s simple to make sure it does by following a few simple rules.


Set a time, and stick to it. If your guests need to arrive at 12pm, make sure that you are there to receive them, or ensure that they know who will be. If the keys are being left with a friend, or shop, ensure that everyone is kept in the loop and on the same page.


Beyond the Essentials


All Airbnb hosts are required to provide the essentials (soap, toilet paper etc.) but why not go above and beyond and leave a welcome pack with a few things you think your guests will appreciate.


When the guests have booked, check out their profiles and glean a little info about what they might appreciate on arrival. Are they coffee, or tea drinkers? If they are female, leave some beauty products (even sample sizes are a nice idea)


Delight and Amaze


Don’t just tell your guests the basics, like Wi-Fi password & bust stop location, take them for a drink. Invite them for dinner. If you don’t fancy getting that cosy with your guests (equally, they may not want to chum up with you) create a bespoke welcome pack with top tips on the local area.


It’s the simple things that transform you from teeny bopper host to the ultimate Airbnb rock star
. Heed this advice, and your guests will never want to leave….although perhaps that’s not such a good thing?!







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